Nico Barrack

Nico is a visual artist, poet, and self-identified Jack of all trades. Nico's main focus is on gender, sex, and dissociation. He primarily works in transformative art, digital illustrations, and sketches. With a background in painting (Acrylic and gouache), he hopes to someone day re-explore those mediums. Nico shares his art through zines, prints, flyers, fabrics, printer paper, lined paper, sketch paper, no paper, and yes, news-paper.

Art Directory

Animal Connections
Project Started: 2020
Completed: 2021

A visual art project.

Share a Body

Catching Clouds:

Cherry Blossom Lover:

All Hands on God:

Duct-tape and Dissociation

Project Started: 2021

A visual art project, using simplistic lines with limited to no color. The project showcases queer existence through the lack of self.

Leather and Fishnets:
A queer figure dressed in
provocative clothing, lacking
a body. It's possible genitalia
covered with duct-tape.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
A woman chained to the floor by her hands and crotch,
her body lifted by chains attached to her nipples. The single
strip of duct-tape does nothing to hide her.

Butch Reduction
A butch body, free of clothing
is separated by several boxes,
his body is highlighted in the
darkest ones.
Duct-tape crosses over his chest and mouth.

Dead Dyke
A figure-less set of masculine
clothing stands tall, it's covered in duct-tape. Duct-tape fixes everything.

Three Strokes:
Projected Started: 2019
Project Completed: 2020

A visual art project.

Sketches and Works in Progress

Project started 2018
Completed 2019